Episode 39 of Salt of The Streets!

Don is out sick on this episode 39 of Salt of The Streets and to help Offie fill in he is joined by the ginger ninja herself, Morgan. The two go over the recent ousting of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General (0:48:00), the outcomes of the midterm elections both local and nationwide (0:07:00) and a quick trip into the SPORTS arena to honor their fallen friend.

This podcast and all of our others can be found on our SoundCloud or ANY other place you can get a podcast. All of our videos can be found on our YouTube page including the pre-shows and full episode videos. Salt of The Streets T-shirts are now available and can be inquired about through this website or any of our social media. Give us a rate and review wherever you listen to the pod, send us a screen shot and you will get $5 OFF YOUR FIRST SHIRT.

Don and Offie are participating in Movember to support men’s health and suicide prevention. It’s an incredible cause that can impact anyone and does impact tons of people. Don is donating money from all of his paychecks during the month of November and if anyone else wants to donate the link is HERE and can be found on our Facebook.

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