SOS Podcast Episode 56 is here!

After a steak and family filled week off, Don and Offie come back and cover why Atlantic City is gross, the release of the redacted Mueller report, the information it contained and what it means in the big picture as well as how it is being used by both sides. Scotch is discussed and tasted, Then another look at some of the 20 Democratic candidates and the policies they are running on (or not running on in the case of Mayor Pete) like impeaching the current President, reparations, student loan forgiveness, and voting while in prison. GOT is teased, along with lessons learned from 1984, last minute NFL trades and the draft in an allegation filled SPORTS!!

Here are several episodes in which we covered the Mueller Report and the allegations and charges that came with it so you can catch up!

James Comeys’ firing: Episode 11

Jeff Session resigning: Episode 39

James Comeys’ Subpoena: Episode 41

Paul Manafort Charges: Episode 42


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