Podcast Episode 42!

We are 42 episodes in and we couldn’t be anymore excited! Movember ended on Friday and with everyones help Don was able to raise $330! Everyone was an AMAZING help and we are looking forward to next year!

On this episode 42! Don and Offie provide insight into the advances in the Yemen situation, updates around Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen and what this means for the Mueller Probe, and the growing tensions between Russia and the Ukraine, and in the grab bag Don expresses more love/hate for Ben Shapiro, the signing of the USMCA at the G20 Summit, is killing the virtual KKK wrong? Why Don can understand people not liking him, and of course SPORTS!! w/ some updates from last week!

HERE you can find the episode in which we first talked about Michael Cohen

HERE is where you can find the original episode about James Comey

HERE you can find the first episode about Jama Khahsoggi

and HERE you can find the episode where we detailed the Saudis and Yemen.


THIS podcast, the ones we listed and ALL of our other can be found directly on our SoundCloud or ANYWHERE else you can get a podcast. The video from the live pre show can be found on our YouTube with the rest of our videos and the full episode video will be up tomorrow afternoon.

We also have hand crafted, artisan made T-shirts now available for purchase. Inquiries can be made through ANY of our social media and you WILL receive a response. Leave us a review wherever you listen to the pod, send us a screenshot and you will get $5 OFF YOUR FIRST T-SHIRT!

If there are ANY topics you want to hear us cover, let us know. If you have any thoughts or feelings about our show that you are holding back or choosing not to express? DON’T. Let us know what you think, WE WANT TO KNOW!

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