Episode 54 of Salt of The Streets Podcast!

On a jam packed episode 54, Don and Offie break down the complications of stomach ulcers and IBS, Bill Barrs letter on the Mueller report, what you can and can’t take from what we know from the report and what is still to come as well as WHAT the investigation was really about in the first place, Washington State raising the smoking age to 21, why and how the Democrats are running false narratives about the vote on the Green new deal, the recent updates about Jussie Smollet, more Democratic candidates and their platform issues, the idea of a wealth tax, and how much is a starting but not star D End worth in a retirement filled SPORTS!!

All of our podcasts start on our SoundCloud but after that can be found ANYWHERE you can find a podcast. Join us LIVE on Saturdays for the Pre-Shows on our FaceBook, but if you miss out you can find that as well as all of the rest of our videos on our YouTube. The full episode video will be up later this week. Questions and topic suggestions are ENCOURAGED!

Salt of The Streets gear is ALWAYS available and can be ordered through either of the boys or our SOS social media. Any custom items or sizes should be ordered very soon as a new order will be going out this week for unique items and sizing. We have LOTS of Ts available now for just $20. If you rate and review us wherever you listen and then send us a screenshot we will give you $5 OFF YOUR FIRST SHIRT!

Want some FREE gear? Listen through to the end of the episode and tell Don where he gets his closing line from and the shirt is YOURS! Don is awaiting a correct guess…

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