Episode 57 is LIVE!

After another week off for family time Don and Offie wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. The two break down the Senate Testimony of AG Bill Barr, the skipped house hearing, the subsequent contempt hearing and the narratives and facts behind it all! Venezuela is revisited to discuss the growing unrest and the regime change that may be to come. After all the serious stuff we give some serious spoiler as we break down GOT and what the hawks will do with new DE Ziggy Ansah in a big fat SPORTS!!

All of our episodes can be found on our SoundCloud or ANYWHERE else you listen to the pod NOW INCLUDING SPOTIFY. After our pre show live streams on our FaceBook, the videos join all of our others on our YouTube page including full episode videos for your viewing pleasure.

Here are some previous Episodes that could help give some context to what we talked about this week:

Episode 54: Bill Barrs letter about the Mueller Report

Episode 51: Background on the Venezuelan Situation

Episode 48: Also covers unrest in Venezuela

The topics and confusion around them are growing and growing. It took us a majority of the show this week to break down the Mueller/Barr scenario that unraveled over only 2 weeks, but don’t be afraid. That’s what we are here for. If there is ANYTHING going on, political or not, that you don’t understand then let us know. Lets us help and do some research for you.

You can reach out to either Don or Offie or any of our SOS social media and you WILL hear back from us. We are here to serve the people.

It’s a slow work in process, as are many things in parenthood, but we ARE working on the new set of shirts and merch and it will be available very soon. Until then, if you are craving a Salt of The Streets T, listen through to the end of the episode and if you can identify the source of our closing line you will win a FREE SOS T SHIRT!

Can’t figure out the line? Leave us a rate and review where ever you listen to the cast, send us a screen shot and you will receive $5 OFF YOUR FIRST T SHIRT!


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