Episode 60 of Salt of The Streets!

On a big and bold episode 60 Don and Offie a CPL is finally acquired, the break down of the infrastructure rose garden press conference, the resignation and closing of the special counsels office and the possible outcomes from it (impeachment). Why the obstruction part of the Mueller report is not the most important part, the importance of an active role in informed political discourse, the beginning of the ongoing trade war with China, the agricultural implications the trade war carries and how it can (and will) effect you. And in the grab bag a new cell phones begins to dominate the market, Eric Swalwells plan for a forced buy back of fire arms, the charging of a parkland cop, and in SPORTS!! basketball is finally acknowledged and a Seahawks schedule breakdown.

Episode Links!

Episode 4: We talked about guns in schools.

Episode 23: Small gun debate with Jake and Morgan

We have discussed guns and gun policy many times on this show but in these episode we DEFINITELY did. PLEASE let us know if you run across more that we can link to.


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