Episode 59, Memorial Day 2019

Today we won’t do our normal episode announcement. We do, in fact, have an episode releasing today but that is not and should not be the focus. Today I want to focus on the labor.

Memorial Day is meant to honor those who have served in our Armed Forces and have not returned to tell the tale or receive the honor they deserve, but so few are truly granted. These brave men and women have willingly served and given their lives so we as a country, Colin and I included, are able to do the things we want; the fallen have given us our safety and protected our ability to discuss political policy and exercise the rights we hold so dear.

Colin and I speak often and very favorably of our Armed Forces, not only because Colin has served, but because they are the first and last line of defense to everything our country stands for. Every day we take advantage of the rights provided to us in the constitution without remembering who it is that protects and ensures them. So much that a day is set aside to help remind everyday civilians of this fact and still many people believe it to be an excuse to simply camp and drink with an extra day for the weekend.

I would challenge and implore every one reading, and those you know as well, to think more of what guarantees your rights here in America. Regardless of your personal positions on political both local and global, it is those who have given their lives willingly that got us where we are today. Presidents and politicians have visual effect on the path of our country but in the end it is those who gave their lives that made our country, and its people, what we are today.

So I will leave with this; take more than one day a year to remember those who got you where you are today. Not your parents or our spouse, but the soldiers, the men and women who gave their lives for you and for this country. Every day the members of our Armed Forces deserve our respect and appreciation, because there are 22 too many who lose their lives as a result of their service and many many more who are forgotten by the system and government they served. They should not be forgotten by those they served for. Remember why you are here.


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