Episode 65 is LIVE! Guest- Isaiah Brooks

This week Don and Offie are joined by super special guest Isaiah Brooks and with his help the democratic debates are deconstructed (kind of). the odd difficulty of actually WATCHING Possible Instagram censorship lingers, 2AM is challenging the will of the people, Colin breaks down Latino weddings, feelings of pride for friends turning their lives around the purpose of political debates and relevance of the timing, the arguments for and against a UBI, the lies of Jay Inslee and Kamala Harris are innumerable and Harris is called out by Tulsi Gabbard in the midst of fighting Biden, the ways that racism is and is not ingrained in this country in regards to social structure, policing and police brutality, housing and education, how different locations and cultures can change relationships with law enforcement, does flint have clean water?, why Medicare for all WILL cost the middle class more in taxes, why mental health is just as important as physical health and preventative medicine should gather more attention, and in SPORTS!! Zeke is STILL holding out and Mike Thomas goes from $1.6 mil a season to $1 mil a game.

In Episode 61 we talked about the first round of debates

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