Episode 95: Inform Yourself & Vote

Episode 95 is the bi-annual SOS voting special. Don and Offie begin by going over the ballot in general, the candidates and motions being voted on, what they mean and how to get informed on them. Starting with the advisory votes on taxes passed through the state legislature (of which there are 4), they break down how much taxes will be collected under each advisory vote and where the taxes will go. BOEING is discussed as one of the advisory votes deals almost directly with them, the troubles they are currently going through, how they got here and what responsibility we have as citizens and Washingtonians we do or don’t have to help them. Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution 8212, what it does and what history has shown us about similar governmental choices. Referendum 90 regarding Senate Bill 5395 for a revised sexual education curriculum for Washington State, what it means and says and why this makes education in GENERAL a more personal choice. Certain elected seats are discussed including Governor, AG, State Rep, etc… and why these positions are particularly important to SOS, as well as Don and Offies choices for the top of the ticket and discussion on possible futures for America’s political system. The recent New York Post Story regarding Hunter & Joe Biden, what it really means, what we should really care about, and why the cover up of this story was much worse than the original “crime”.  In SPORTS!! Surprise trades arise and horrible injuries are discussed.

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

@upperleft360 Upper Left on SoundWhip:

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