Episode 96: A Hill to Die On

With this weeks episode we are also announcing the start of MOVEMBER! This will be Dons 5th year participating with a total of $1,140 collected, with help from everyday people who decided to step up. Times are insanely weird and many people can’t donate now when they could in the past, just sharing these links can help raise the money to save more lives. Anything helps. HERE is the link to donate to Dons page.

On episode 96 Don and Offie take a deep dive into the coming election starting with WHY we vote and the responsibilities that come with it, and then moving to WHY Don is voting 3rd party and why Colin ISN’T, including the objective positives that can be drawn from Donald Trumps first term in office including the status of peace in the middle east, the current state of society and politics in America especially in regards to integrity in our capitol and our elections, the status of the stock market, retirements, and the general economy pre-COVID, the possible and proposed changes to health care and what it could possibly look like. The last Presidential debate and a few of the points that stuck out to Don. The role of a private company in modern day America and the far reaching implications that a good or bad employer could have on your life. The “differences” in the COVID plans of each Presidential candidate. The polls as they stand at the time of recording, what the polls mean and how much weight they should be given, as well as predictions for the outcome and what America might look like in the wake of the 2020 election and a new segment called “My Hill to Die on”, Don and Offie go over who they think their “spirit animals” and in SPORTS!! injuries occur and divisions are claimed (for now).

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

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