Episode 97: The Tax Man Cometh

On episode 97 Don and Offie are joined once again by local legend Larry ‘The Tax Guy’ Dixon, and together they start light by discussing the minute and vast difference between Marvel and DC including why Don prefers the former and Larry the latter, the different multiverses and the way the comics translated to different mediums. Moving into the more serious they discuss the problem of ‘low information voters’ and the effects they have on elections as well as the efficacy and viability of the electoral college and why Don is such a huge fan. Into the election the three discuss the potential shift in mainstream media and why we can never trust polls again. The possibility of new lockdowns and what they would look like in the wake of mainstream media companies projecting Joe Biden as the next president as well as WHY the election is not actually over, what is left to be done INCLUDING investigating any possible (or confirmed) instances of election impropriety. A look into the venn-diagram that is Larrys political views by talking about a possible lowering of the defense budget under a new admin, and what has already been said by the Biden/Harris admin about their foreign policy. A new and reoccurring segment our ‘Hill to Die on’ discussing the hypocrisy of the left, understanding government procedure, and pineapple on pizza, and in SPORTS!! why Don hated Tom Brady, but may just hate greatness.

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left

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