Episode 98: Krakens and Ghost Guns

On Episode 98 Don and Offie start by going over different iterations of ‘holiday COVID restrictions’ as well as the ways people got around them and a few examples of civil servants abusing their power and being blatantly hypocritical. Responding to a listener request, the boys take a deep and comprehensive look at the Biden/Harris gun policy point by point as it is written, from government ‘buy backs’ and limitations on magazine capacity to ghost guns and online purchases ( this is a long topic as it breaks down the policy by paragraph, it starts around 0:27:00). Ex- Trump attorney Sydney Powells recent announcements about a court case regarding alleged fraud in the design of the ‘Dominion’ voting machines and its effect on the 2020 elections, something Powell has been referring to as ‘releasing the kraken’. Don and Offie unveil their Hill to Die On, regarding the strength of the country and how quickly Biden seems to be refilling ‘the swamp’. In SPORTS!! the fantasy play offs approach.

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