Episode 99: NOW We Can Talk About Hunter and The Hard Drive

Episode 99 will be our last recording of this year but don’t worry, it won’t be the last content you see until the next episode. Our next recording will be January 9th and the episode will come out on the 11th. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you from all of us at SOS,

Donavan, Jordyn, Carolina and Colin.

On the last episode of the year Don and Offie decide to take a look at the recent rumors that as one of his first acts as President, Joe Biden will “erase” student loan debt. By talking about the arguments for and against as well as how it would logistically be done. The “new and breaking” stories from the mainstream media about Hunter Bidens hairy (to say the least) tax situation and the corresponding FBI investigation, his relationships with other countries and the ways that other members of the Biden family may be involved as well as the original coverage of the story in October and the subsequent cover up by the tech overlords. The recent article from Axios about spies from the CCP and the ways that they infiltrated the campaigns of more than one Democratic elected official, as well as the other ways that we know the CCP has and is working to infiltrate out country, and the potential danger in the pro-China policies of the Biden/Harris admin. The declined Supreme Court case of Texas vs. 4 states regarding their election processes, why it happened the way it did, what this decision says about states rights and what it could mean for future elections. In SPORTS!! the fantasy playoffs are finally upon us and both SOS hosts made it in. Colin has (another) great idea to improve the league of $700.

We originally covered the Hunter Biden story and the cover up in Episode 95.

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