Episode 100: Thank Biden & Hail Inslee

We want to preface this episode by thanking every one who has listened to our show, reached out to us, supported us and given us reason to continue. We literally would not be here without our audience. Our entire goal is to help people learn and grow, and of course bridge the gap. Thank you for helping us get there. However, our work is no where near done and we have some serious steps to take this year, so stay tuned.

On a very special episode 100, Don and Offie start by getting personal by diving into Dons first session of acupuncture and the surprising take aways he had as well as some of the long term and serious effects of Colin having COVID (and for more info on Colins COVID experience check out episode 99.5). A quick breakdown of the “dark days” since episode 99 was release including the vaccine, the storming of the capital and the 2nd Impeachment of President Donald J Trump.

To celebrate 100 episodes Don and Offie decided to answer some very common listener questions and go over some of their political and social opinions topic by topic. On top of their personal opinions they offer some potential steps forward when possible, Ranging from Abortion, Welfare, Immigration, Social media censorship, money in politics and many more.
If there are any topics we didn’t cover that you want to hear about feel free to reach out at any time. We are ALWAYS open to listener request topics.

In this episode we referenced many passed episodes where we dove deeper into some of these topics, including;

Episode 59 w/ Halie where we discussed a few different proposed abortion laws.

Episode 7 when we FIRTST discussed UBI, it was discussed many times during the 2020 Dem primaries starting with Episode 61.

-We also referenced freerice.com , go there to have some fun and help get food to people who need it.

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

Upper Left on SoundWhip:t.co/Obzf4TyW4t?amp=1

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