Episode 101: Sus But Not Yet Guilty

On episode 101 Don and Offie take on a triple header of listener topics. Starting with allegations against a Seattle rapper. Two women have come forward with allegations against local rapper Raz Simone, including assault and coercion, the allegations, available evidence and statements from both sides are discussed. Listener request two is a breakdown of the reopening process for Washington State including how the state is divided and the metrics being used to decide the time line. The final listener request was a discussion about the death penalty in the U.S. Starting with a brief history of the death penalty in America and then specifically how President Biden and Vice President Harris made and/or used the penalty how it is today. Another edition of “Our Hill to Die On”  and in SPORTS!!  predictions of whether the GOAT will take home a seventh ring. Ending on a short preview of a topic for episode #102 (with Larry the Tax Guy) of the insanity around the “Wallstreet bets” subreddit and GameStops stock.

We discussed Raz Simone for the first time in Episode 87 w/ PNW Nils when we talked about the CHAZ/CHOP

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

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