Episode 58!

After a very contentious week Don and Offie sit down and talk about the intensely controversial new abortion laws and Alabama, Georgia and several other states and what their intention and possible legal effects could be, the expansion of the powers of the Executive a recent uptick in aggression between Iran and the United States and how it relates to involvement with Saudi Arabia , the new merit based immigration plan that President Trump announced in a rose garden speech this week, GOT and possible theories for the fate of Westeros and farewell is said to Doug Baldwin as we negligently forget Playoff Basketball in a football filled SPORTS!!


Here are some links that may be helpful for this weeks episode!

Episode 45: Troop withdrawal from Syria

Next week we will be continuing our conversation on the recent abortion laws with a special guest to help make sure we look at it from all angles. If you have any specific questions of comments regarding this topic, let us know. We are always open to topic requests of any kind, political or not.

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